Both insightful and scholarly, Kostas Rekleitis produces exceptionally high quality sheet music with the finest engraving. Meticulous attention to detail in engraving and preparation of orchestral material, chamber music, and solo instruments. As an orchestral cellist, Kostas understands what takes for a typeset score to be both beautiful and clearly understood.

Works have been published by 
York Press (UK),

Europa Edition (UK),

Editions Musica Ferrum (UK),

Papagrigoriou-Nakas (Greece) TBA


Cost depends on complexity of score, minimum cost on finished project:

1-4 staves: $10/page

5-8 staves: $20/page

9-12 staves: $30/page

Each additional line: $2/page

Part preparation from existing score: $5/page

Final cost includes one free edit for corrections and/or small changes and adjustments. Additional cost for changes to the original material $40-100


Engraving sample 1

Engraving sample 2

Engraving sample 3

Engraving sample 4

Engraving sample 5