Three Japanese miniatures Soprano and  orchestra Feb 2011
Jito Tennoh- from Ogura Hyakunin Isshu
From the Kokin waka shu (Summer, 139)
From The Narrow Road to Oku, by Basho Matsuo
Cavafy Cycle for solo voices, mixed choir, and orchestra 90′ Jul 2012
Τείχη, [Tíhi-Walls]
Μονοτονία, [Monotonía-Monotony]
Φωνές, [Fonés-Voices]
Για νάρθουν, [Yia nárthun-To call up the shades]
Επέστρεφε, [Epéstrefe-Come back]
Περιμένωντας τους Βαρβάρους, [Periménontas tus Varvárus- Waiting for the Barbarians]
Στην εκκλησία, [Stin eklisía- In church]/Όταν διεγείρονται, [Ótan THieyíronte-When they come alive]
Δέησις, [THéisis- Prayer]
 Interlude, The City/Η Πόλις [i pólis]
 I’ve brought to art, Εκόμισα εις τήν Τέχνην [ekómisa is tin Téhnin]
 When they come alive 
Understanding, Νόησις [nóisis-understanding]
Ηδονήι [ITHoní-to sensual pleasure]/To sensual pleasure
To call up the shades
The God Abandons Antony
Things Ended/Τελειωμένα, [Telioména-things Ended]
Ιωνικόν, [Ionikón-Ionic]
Κεριά, [Keriá-Candles]
Επήγα, [Epíya-I went]/Τα επικίνδυνα [ta epikínTHina- Dangerous thoughts
The Completed Parthenon on Calton Hill soprano and orchestra Jun 2015
A poem by Ron Butlin
Subito soprano and orchestra Jun 2015
A poem by Vassiliki Rapti
Kores Soprano and str. orch. Nov  2017
Poetic text by Vassiliki Rapti
Hadaf Tenor and orchestra Mar 2018
Poetic text by Smadar Sharett
Donati Cycle Soprano and str. orch. Apr 2018
Three poems by Colin Donati
Ancient and now
Generated by the Sun
Nissyros choir and string orchestra WIP
Text by Kostas Rekleitis and Vassilis Petropoulos
Shapeless Land I
Genius Loci
Shapeless Land II