Kostas Rekleitis began his formal training at the National Conservatory of Greece. He subsequently earned a Bachelor’s of Music at the University of Edinburgh, a Masters of Music at the Royal Holloway University of London, and a PhD at the Edinburgh University. He has studied harmony and counterpoint with Spyros Klapsis and John Kitchen and composition with Nigel Osborne, Peter Nelson, Marina Adamia, Philip Cashian, and film music with Brian Lock.

His music has been performed throughout the world by ensembles and orchestras including BBC3 Radio in the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Mexico, and the United States.

Kostas’s main output includes a cantata based on C. P. Cavafy poetry (a part of it has been performed in a series of concerts in Universities in the US including Yale, Brown, Columbia, and Harvard), also cycles of songs in Italian, Greek, Hebrew, and Japanese text; also a piano, a cello, and a clarinet concerto. His award winning work Aerialistic Piano Trio, was premiered by the Zagreb Trio in Vienna and compositionally represented Greece at the MINSTREL cultural event in 2012. Also, his orchestral song Subito has been selected among others for the International Society for Contemporary Music, ISCM, Beijing 2018.

Equally comfortable with music beyond the concert hall, Kostas Rekleitis has written music for musicals, theatre, shows, made numerous orchestral arrangements and collaborated with visual artists for short videos and art exhibitions.