Kostas Rekleitis provides full musical setting services highly specialized in orchestral art songs based on poetic text. The final production consists of printed orchestral score and audio recording of the work with classical trained singers. The orchestral sound is a hybrid of high-end orchestral sound libraries and live instruments; there is an extensive list of available singers in order to perfectly fit the character of each work.

List of poets whose texts have been used in musical setting:   

  • Anonymus, from Palatine Anthology; in Ancient Greek
  • Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke, Grand Prize for Literature; In Greek
  • Dimitris Bafaloukos, MD multi awarded oncologist; In Greek and English translation
  • Ron Butlin, Edinburgh’s Poet-Laureate (Makar); In English
  • Constantine P. Cavafy; In Greek and English translation
  • John Coutts, BBC Radio, English Literature Oxford University; In English
  • Colin Donati, Editor and Published Scottish Poet; In English
  • Euripides; In English translation
  • Yannis Filias, Operatic singer, director, and writer; In Greek
  • Natalie J. Graham, Associate Professor at CSU, Fullerton; In English
  • Joseph Josephides, PMP Business Angels Ltd, Chairman; in French
  • Nikos Karouzos, poet; In Greek
  • Achilleas Katsaros, poet, publisher; In Greek
  • Stella Kokoli, President of the Hellenic-American Educators; In Greek
  • Christos Koukis, Civil engineer & environment; in Greek
  • David Levin, Theatre director; In English
  • Sarah Maclay, Loyola University; In English
  • Eirini Margariti; In Greek
  • Basho Matsuo; In Japanese
  • Zafiris Nikitas, writer and theatre director; In Greek
  • Nossis, from Palatine Anthology; in Ancient Greek
  • George Orwell, In English
  • Petrarch; In Italian
  • Vassilis Petropoulos, Curator; In Greek
  • Philodemus from Palatine Anthology; in Ancient Greek
  • Vassilki Rapti, Preceptor in Modern Greek Harvard University; In Greek and English
  • Smadar Sharett, writer; In Hebrew
  • Giannis Skaribas, writer; In Greek
  • Jito Tennoh; In Japanese
  • Katerina Triantafyllou; In English
  • Nanos Valaoritis, Grand Prize for Literature; In Greek and English
  • Beat Wandeler, writer; In Swahili
  • Clive Wright, Stirling Poet Laureate; In English

Cost for solo voice and orchestra depends on complexity and size of orchestra, $350-450 per minute of music, the price includes printed score and audio recording.

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