• Encounters, collected works of composers in Edinburgh University, 2009    

Thanks to a generous grant from “The Roberts Fund” at the University of Edinburgh, 11 PhD composers, together with two professors at the University of Edinburgh have recorded and produced a CD album of their own compositions entitled ‘Encounters’. The Encounters CD features an inspiring and diverse collection of music written by composers from different parts of the world including the U.K., Greece, Italy/Mexico, Japan, Australia, U.S.A. and Canada, who have decided to begin their musical careers in Edinburgh. The performers of the CD include The Edinburgh Quartet, and soloists Loré Lixenberg (soprano) and Andrew Johnston (piano). “We hope it will live on as a record of the range and quality of creativity within the Music Department at Edinburgh University and beyond”.

Composers: Ryan Somerville, Nigel Osborne, Thomas Seltz, Alfredo Caponnetto, Stuart Taylor, Richard Worth, Derek Williams, Allan N Gilliland, Suzanne Parry, Peter Nelson, Shiori Usui, Kostas Rekleitis [ Se la mia vita,  from Petrarca’s “Il canzoniere ], Jules Rawlinson          


  • Collaboration with the heavy metal band Achelous, orchestral arrangement of the song Legends never die, CD release 2018


  • Collaboration with the heavy metal band Reflection, orchestral arrangement of the song Mistress of the Sea, CD release 2008
  • Collaboration with the heavy metal band Marauder, orchestral arrangement and choir preparation of the song Until we fall, CD release 2006